Joshua Rosenthal, founder of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, who is a brilliant thinker around how to change our health for the positive, lists his 12 most important steps for getting well and staying well.

I trust these 12 starting points can bring you more years of health and happiness, or if you are unwell, consider ways in which you may be able to apply some of these basic princples.  If you would like further information, drop us an email or make an appointment.

1.    Drink more water
2.    Practice cooking
3.    Increase whole grains
4.    Increase sweet vegetables
5.    Increase leafy green vegetables
6.    Experiment with protein
7.    Eat less meat, dairy, sugar and chemicalized, artificial junk foods; consume less coffee, alcohol and tobacco
8.    Develop easy and reliable habits to nurture your body
9.    Have healthy relationships that support you
10.  Find physical activity you enjoy and do it regularly
11.  Find work you love or a way to love the work you have
12.  Develop a spiritual practice

Find a new you today – for the rest of your life. Your health is our specialty.