Effective Osteopathy Services: Restoring Your Body’s Natural Balance and Function

Osteopathy is a profession that considers how your different body systems work together and then applying hands-on therapy to specific body regions to get you healthy.
Osteopathic manipulative treatment is the therapeutic application of manually guided forces by an Osteopath to improve physiologic (body) function and promote healing that has been altered by soft-tissue injury. In simpler terms, we work with your body to make changes that allow health to predominate!

Through specific hands-on treatment of problems, most people find significant health changes that relieve many common and some uncommon health complaints.

Our Osteopaths believe your body is meant to work in a specific designed way – therefore we use the best techniques, advice and management to help you get back to being a healthier you.

Lower Back Pain
Neck Pain

Osteopaths consider the pain or discomfort in your body by these principles:

  • Your body is a unit – it is all connected, each part relating to each other.
  • Structure in your body is related to Function of your body. Both must be in good working order for health to ensue.
  • Your body wants to get better. We call this homeostasis. As Osteopaths we want to provide a great healing base for health to occur.
  • Osteopathic ‘hands-on’ treatments are aimed at correcting underlying joint, nerve, muscle, ligament and tissure damage, while considering the holistic body as a unit.

Osteopathy Techniques

If you haven’t experienced an Osteopathic visit, then you will not be aware that our approach as Osteopaths is diverse and tailored to your needs.

Soft Tissue Massage and Deep Tissue Manipulation
Assist blood flow, healing to tissues, loosening up muscles/knots and releasing tension.

Low force changes to a joint to effect better function, decreased pain and overall health.

Stretching/Mobilisation/Muscle Energy Technique
Aimed at increasing flexibility, movement of muscles and joints by gently taking these tissues against a barrier/restriction.

Very gentle and fine movements that encourage indirect change to a body’s tissues and fluids. Learn more

Visceral Techniques
Manipulations of the abdomen gently encouraging healthy bowel and other organ structural function that may be hindering health.

Sometimes used to relax muscles before hands-on treatments are used to heal the body.

Ultrasound Therapy
Useful machine modality for acute inflammation, muscle tears, strains and ligament sprains.

Exercise Prescription
A valuable asset to Osteopathic consultations that may include stretching, strengthening and core stability exercises. Each person receives individually tailored advice.

Inflammation Advice
Natural and herbal anti-inflammatories can aid in healing of tissues and quicken recovery.Some nutrients can specifically help in many circumstances. For example, Arnica and Tumeric.

Dry Needling
Small, therapeutic needles that stimulate trigger points, promoting blood flow and healing in sore skeletal muscles.

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