Empowering Positive Change: Our Evidence-based Psychotherapy Services in Lilydale

Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and behaviour. Psychological counselling or ‘psychotherapy’ draws from evidence-based treatments that assist you to explore difficulties in emotions, behaviours or relationships that you may be experiencing and to support healing and change.

Anxiety & Depression
Stress Management
Life Changes

Conditions We Help

  • Anxiety (general anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, social anxiety)
  • Depression
  • Peri-natal and post-natal anxiety, depression and adjustment
  • Infertility and miscarriage
  • Parenting difficulties / stress
  • Major life changes
  • Grief and loss
  • Stress, burn out or feeling overwhelmed
  • Career and/or life dissatisfaction
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Issues around sexual and gender identity
  • Low self-esteem and confidence
  • Autism(adults, or parents/siblings)
  • Life dissatisfaction, personal identity and developing direction
  • Dealing with disability or illness (for yourself or family members
  • Autism diagnostic assessment

Treatment approach:

  • Tailored to individual client need
  • Guided by individual values
  • Supportive and goal directed counselling
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy
  • Acceptance and commitment therapy
  • Mindfulness and meditation training
Our Psychology Team
About Daniel Berends | Psychologist
Daniel is a registered Psychologist who emphasizes client’s individual experience, values, and goals as the center of evidence-based treatment in a relaxed and non-judgmental environment.

Daniel has a personal enthusiasm for how acceptance and mindful awareness can deepen our understanding of ourselves, others, and life in general. He has training in, and practices, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).

Daniel focuses on bringing perspective to issues we face by molding the therapeutic process to you as an individual, and your world as a whole, to understand thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and then plan for improving your experience of life.

Daniel also has a special interest and over a decade’s experience in supporting families and individuals effected by Autism and/or disability and understands the importance of neurodiversity in how we experience difficulties in life.
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