Towards Holistic Health! Our Story…

By Design Holistic Health, an Integrative and Allied Health multi-disciplinary clinic, established in the Yarra Valley in 2003, welcomes all people, where your health is our specialty.

Osteopathic philosophy runs across all our modalities and influences the way we view each person and in the ways we offer healthcare advice.

The idea of “by design” recognises that we have been created with a purpose in mind, relating to our physical, psychological, spiritual and emotional wellbeing.

The principle of “holistic” encompasses the many facets of health that make up who we are, placing the person as priority, the sanctity of human life as paramount and our overall health is a function of many interrelated body workings.

In short, we practice holistic medicine with these premises in mind:

● The body is a unit. All parts are connected and operate in unison under optimal conditions.
● Structure and function are inter-related. When structure is aligned, the body’s amazing system can function properly, while a malfunctioning body part will create structural changes. Both must be treated to obtain health.
● The body’s cells tend towards self-healing when given the appropriate food/nutrition, adequate oxygen, regular exercise and anti-stress regimes. Oh, and good genetics help too!
● Treatment, once a diagnosis is established, combines ‘hands-on’ therapies in conjunction with physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual advice. When given in a practitioner-patient consultation, these must be governed by the above principles to see the best health possible achieved.

Meet the Practitioners
Dr. Sam Dyer
Dr. Stephen Vickery
Dr. Samara Melder
Dr. Jess White
Dr. Rebecca Feakes
Dr. Danielle Taumoefolau
Dr. Mark Pica
Dr. Stephanie Morstead
Dr. David Salisbury
Dr. Jonathan Baker
Daniel Berends
Dr. Tim Howden
Naturopathic Medicine
Adam Hart
Remedial Massage Therapist
Jaimie Cornwell
Steph Bollaart
Dr. Libby Rochstein
Medical Acupuncture
Sarah King
Ash Kayser
Kelly Bright
Lilydale's Clinical Nutritionist
Holistic Health – ‘By Design’

The team of health professionals at By Design Holistic Health are committed to diagnosing, treating and providing holistic whole person care for body, mind and soul.

Located in Lilydale, on the doorstep to the beautiful Yarra Valley, our dedicated and passionate healthcare practitioners include Psychologists, Osteopaths, Naturopaths, Exercise Physiologists, Nutritionist, Medical Acupuncturist, Remedial Massage and Myotherapy. The practitioners at BDHH are professionally trained to effectively diagnose and treat many common conditions, across physical, mental, emotional and metabolic complaints.

BDHH Osteopaths are willing to chat with you about any muscle, joint or other health problem. Adam, remedial massage therapist will work with your deep muscular issues, complementing Osteopaths. Nicole, Myotherapists bring years of experience to muscle injuries and sports training issues, while also being able to offer relaxation massage too. BDHH Naturopaths work with you to improve your wellbeing from a nutritional, lifestyle and environmental perspective. BDHH’s Exercise Physiologist can rehabilitate you from any injury or work with you to improve health outcomes from chronic disease. BDHH Psychologists are compassionate and work mindfully to help resolve life challenges with you.

We are committed to providing personal compassionate care in an environment that is both professional and relaxed. Our renovated facility at 22 Hardy St, Lilydale, has been designed to ensure that all patients feel relaxed and informed whilst being treated by one of BDHH’s professionals.

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