April/May Promotion

Kids products are on special for the next 2 months. 10% off the Metagenics range of kids products (with prescription) including ENT Immune Care, Omega Care, Gut Care, Ultra Flora, Multi Care, Calm Care.


And, from our Naturopath, Dr. Tim Howden..

Autumn brings a unique set of challenges to our immune system such as smoke haze, cooler weather and increased humidity. I’d like to offer you some excellent tips to help fortify your child’s innate defence, protect them against avoidable illness and prepare for Winter. 


  • Keep warm. Babies and children have less body mass to weight ratio compared to adults making them more susceptible to cold. Ensure their feet, lower back and necks are kept warm. Wear socks and slippers inside and shoes when playing outdoors. Jumpers, thermal tops and neck gaiters are excellent at keeping your children warm and toasty.
  • Encourage adequate rest.  When your child is rested they are more resilient at fighting off illness. In my last article I wrote about sympathetic dominance or, Fight and Flight overdrive which results in chronic stress and compromised immune function.  A well rested child will be relaxed and have better quality sleep.   A significant amount of immune surveillance and repair occurs during sleep and a relaxed child will assimilate more nutrients in their small intestine.  This is important given around 80% of immune function depends on gut health.  
  • Amazing diet.  A whole food diet, rich in plant-based foods that are seasonal and preferably organic will serve your family well.  There is plenty of evidence to support the health effects of whole foods in preventing, treating and reversing illness.   A diverse diet will provide a rich array of phytonutrients and building blocks that support excellent immune development and function.  In my practice I encourage children to eat at least 15 different foods every day with as many colours of the rainbow.  I get them to make a chart and map their success.  It’s best to avoid cold food and drink during Autumn and Winter too. Remember, the body is trying to keep cold out, not invite it in. 
  • My kids are still sick……Troubleshooting tips  Sometimes though,  kids are still prone to frequent illness.  In these cases it’s necessary to dig deeper, and address underlying cause(s). I routinely find that gut dysbiosis, nutrient deficiency, malabsorption, foods sensitivity, and environmental drivers such as mould and biotoxins  compromise immune function. This can be quite a mine field to navigate and should be assessed by a qualified and experienced practitioner.  

(Healthy or sick kids image)


‘Podium’ Communication

Our practitioners and administration staff are learning and using a new communication platform that will enable us to text and email direct to our patients and clients. This means over the next month, we are hoping all communication will come from one mobile number (BDHH) with appointment confirmations, reminders and practitioner communication to you more centralised. 

If you are in for an appointment over April and beyond, you will also be invited to provide a review of our business on either the google or facebook sites. We appreciate your help in letting others know about our services!

Senior Osteopathic Student Consultations

From the middle of April, until the end of May, Rowan, who is in his 5th year of Osteo study will be offering half price consultations as part of his final piece of education. If you know of some people who may want to access quality Osteopathic care from a senior student, then please let them know that Rowan will be available Mondays from 9am – 2pm.