What is good posture?

As osteopaths we see every type of posture you can imagine, from great to terrible! Good posture can look different for everyone. With this in mind, here are some guidelines to what good posture should look like:

  • A gentle backward curve through the low back (the opposite of slouching forward)
  • Shoulders back and down so the muscles across the shoulders are relaxed
  • Head sitting approximately above the shoulders, not in a forward position


What can I do to improve my posture?

      • Try sitting as straight as possible with your lower back arched fully backwards. Then relax forward about 10% so your back muscles loosen off a bit. You should now be sitting with good posture!
      • Stretches can help loosen any tight muscles
      • Core exercises strengthen weaker muscles that are needed to maintain posture
      • See an osteopath Our osteopaths in Lilydale and Seville treat many problems associated with bad posture, as well as ensuring optimal movement and balance through the back muscles and joints
      • Insoles – Our Posture Control Insoles help improve posture and may be beneficial for you. Contact us for more information.