Getting Women Active

My friend, Michelle Jorna and her associate Elizabeth Hughes recently launched the first book in their Embracing a Healthy Lifestyle series which has been ten years in the making. This is for all women of any age who need to get moving, get active and get healthy.

In her book, she highlights that over 70% of Australian women lead sedentary lifestyles – this, in my opinion needs to change. Fortunately, Michelle and Elizabeth help women to start this journey, taking small steps to transform their physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual health – all from exercising. Proving that exercise is not a ‘dirty’ word, but is one essential key to a healthy and happy life. They have a journal that accompanies the book and I highly endorse Michelle’s research and the effort that has gone into finding keys to getting women – just like you, active and therefore fit.

Click on the link above to Michelle’s website and get started as soon as you can.