It is quite clear that eating a diet consisting of high amounts of processed foods will shorten your life, yet 90 percent of the money people in Western society spend on food is spent on processed food! The number one source of calories in countries like Australia and the US comes from high fructose corn syrup – a staple ingredient in nearly all processed foods, from frozen dinners to condiments, snacks and soda.

Researchers have even discovered that genetic mutations and malfunctions that cause disease are created in future generations when highly processed and artificial foods are consumed! Part of the problem is that these processed, sugar- and chemical-laden foods effectively destroy your intestinal microflora.

Your gut flora has incredible power over your immune system, which of course, is your body’s natural defence system. Antibiotics, stress, artificial sweeteners, chlorinated water and many other factors also reduce the amount of probiotics (beneficial bacteria) in your gut, which can predispose you to illness and premature aging. Ideally, you’ll want to make traditionally cultured and fermented foods a staple in your daily diet.

You can use a probiotic supplement, but getting your probiotics from food is definitely better as you can consume far more beneficial bacteria, in many cases up to 100X more. Fermented vegetables are an excellent alternative as they are both delicious and simple to make.