The following thoughts are Dr. Jonathan Baker’s and are in no means a diagnosis of your individual complaint, but will hopefully bring some clarity to the symptoms you may be suffering.

IBS Symptom Picture

  • Some abdominal pain
  • Constipation and/or diarrhoea
  • Mucus secretions
  • Flatulence, nausea, anorexia
  • Varying degrees of anxiety or depression

Food Intolerance

It is vital for your future health and wellbeing that if you suffer from abdominal symptoms anywhere up to 2 hours after ingesting food, that an IgG food panel test be done to ascertain intolerances that could be causing your IBS. Dairy and wheat (and other grains) are the most common problematic foods.


Too much refined sugar in any form, causes an imbalance in the intestinal bacteria that can contribute to IBS. We call this intestinal dysbiosis and is why probiotics are so beneficial in treating IBS, while increasing the fiber content in the diet and reducing sugar intake substantially.


Anxiety, fatigue, hostile feelings, depression and sleep disturbances can all contribute to IBS symptoms or occur as a result of IBS. Because of the high fluctuating levels of brain hormones in your guts, IBS can affect these hormones and have far reaching effects. Glutamine is by far the best nutrient to help heal guts in this way, along with Aloe Vera and herbs such as licorice and slippery elm, while peppermint can reduce spasms.


As with many health problems, exercise can be very beneficial to increase gut movements, stimulate brain hormones that help the guts and generally increase wellness feelings. At least 20 minutes a day of moderate intensity exercise is a great start.

Our Recommendations:

  • Get an IgG food intolerance test
  • De-Stress
  • Heal your intestines (large and small)
  • Replace nutrient deficiencies
  • Exercise regularly
  • Increase fibre intake (fresh, organic fruit and vegetables, psyllium, guar gum)
  • Supplement with Gut Relief, Multiflora, Superfoods
If you have particularly concerning symptoms and would like to discuss treatment options, call 9735 7733 for an appointment with Jonathan today.