We’re very proud to have our new website finished and full of helpful information regarding what Osteopaths do and how we can help with a wide range of back and neck pains, headaches, sports injuries for people of all ages.

We pride ourselves on offering the BEST holistic health service and know that with our Osteopathic training, correct diagnosis and the right treatment, our Osteopaths will get you going again.

In our health world, prevention is of great importance. By putting good health practices into your daily lifestyle, many injuries, pain or discomfort can be avoided.

START TODAY, by taking 5 minutes to do some stretching.

  • Sit on the floor, in a sunny spot preferably, and reach towards your toes – hold for 30 seconds, reaching further every 10 seconds.
  • Now lay down and bring your knees to your chest (or as far as you can) and repeat 10 times.
  • On the last one, roll your knees to the left and the right 10 times each.
  • Roll onto your tummy and lift your upper body, keeing your pelvis on the floor, supporting yourself on your hands – feel the stretch into your low back.

Repeat again for a great start to the day, or a relaxing way to finish. Or do what I have to do, and have the two kids jump all over you while stretching – now that is relaxing!