Your children will be cared for by a practitioner that combines the best of traditional and evidence-based natural medicine who is focused on delivering excellent results. Tim Howden ND BHSc MCMA has been a practicing paediatric and family naturopath for more than 12 years and is experienced in treating a wide range of child health conditions. He has excellent outcomes for tummy pain, immune health, allergy, food sensitivity, anxiety and all digestive complaints, insomnia, bed wetting, parasite and chronic infections. Tim is able to restore your child’s health by removing the cause of disease, stimulating innate healing capacity and tonifying the weakened body systems. Tim uses TGA approved therapeutic-grade Herbal Medicines, Nutritional Medicines, Mineral Therapy, Homoeopathy and Lifestyle changes.

Paediatric Naturopathy

Safe, effective and exceptional care to meet the needs of children in a changing world. Babies and children need to be considered differently to adults, especially in reguards to their development and metabolism. Natural medicine is a wonderful choice if you are wanting to support your children’s health using a holistic approach. It is an excellent adjunct in an Integrative care model working alongside allied healthcare.

What to Expect

A detailed case history is taken in a comfortable setting and your children are free to be themselves, to read, play and exhibit normal day to day behaviour. After gathering all necessary health information, other clinical examinations to determine the cause(s) of your child’s health problem. As a skilled and experienced clinician Tim will gather all the pieces of the puzzle together to give you a clear picture of what is required for your child’s ongoing health.

Clinical Testing: In-clinic testing includes, Nutrient status, Gut health, Immune health, Nervous system function and Food Sensitivity to name a few. In some cases additional testing is required through a GP or independent pathology lab may be necessary. You will leave feeling that your child has been assessed in a thorough and individual manner.