Pregnancy can be a wonderful, very enjoyable time for women. However, for some it can be full of aches and pains especially in the last trimester. Women who have previously had back problems are more likely to experience back pain during pregnancy. Don’t worry, Osteopathy can help!

Treatment is safe to have during pregnancy at all stages to assist the body in all the changes it has to go through.

Pregnancy back pain is often located around the lower back, but some women can experience quite severe pelvic pain around the pubic area and also the sacrum or ‘tail-bone’ region. This is due to ligament changes to the pelvis, but also due to the change of weight distribution to the body with more weight being carried at the front with a seemingly ever-expanding belly!

There are some techniques that cannot be done during pregnancy so make sure you inform your Osteopath before starting treatment as it is very important for them to take into account.

Osteopathic treatment can be very helpful for rib pain, low back and pelvic pain. Exercises are also given for during pregnancy and after giving birth, as well as tips for posture while feeding your baby.

We have a treatment table attachment specifically designed to cater for a pregnant belly so you can lie on your stomach for optimum comfort during treatment.

If you have any questions or would like to make a booking, please contact us at our clinic in Lilydale.