Having completed his training in 2023, Dr. Sam Dyer is pleased to offer the Schroth Best Practice Program at BDHH. The Schroth method is a conservative approach to managing scoliosis, it encompasses the use of specific exercises that are designed to correct and over-correct the curvature of the spine. Once correction or over correction is achieved, breathing work is utilised to further correct the curve. 

The Schroth method focuses heavily on postural corrections that allow those suffering with significant scoliosis to take and apply to their everyday life. It is often a combination of the both postural correction and exercise prescription that is required to achieve the best results. 

The objectives and potential benefits of the Schroth best practise program include the following. 

  • Preventing curve progression 
  • Reduction in severity of one’s curve 
  • Improved breathing mechanics and lung capacity 
  • Reducing pain associated with scoliosis 
  • Improved appearance 

Due to the diverse nature of scoliosis, the Schroth Best Practice Program is not a one size fits all model, goals and treatment approach will vary from individual to individual.

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  • The patient is requested to bring recent imaging –  an EOS is the ideal imaging of the spine and pelvis. If not available, a stitched X-ray of the spine and pelvis is also suitable.

Initial Appointment (90 minutes) 

  • Case history, observation, assessment (imaging assessed, risk of progression, postural and functional)
  • Postural corrections 
  • Exercise introduction/ prescription 
  • Referral for bracing if required (adolescent) 

Return Appointments (60 minutes) 

  • Assessment (curve progression, postural changes) 
  • Exercise Technique Review
  • Exercise Progressions 

Please enquire with reception to book your initial appointment and to understand costs involved. Private health insurance rebates are available.


As this is a specialised field with our Osteopathic practice, the costs are a little higher than our standards rates, due to the extra time and preparation work required. The Schroth Best Practice method has been around for many years and BDHH is pleased to be able to offer this partnership with the global group of practitioners helping patients manage their scoliosis more effectively.

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About Dr. Sam Dyer | Osteopath
Sam completed his studies at RMIT University, following completion, Sam moved to Queensland where he worked rurally treating a wide range of patients for the first 18 months of his career. Following his time in QLD, Sam returned to Melbourne and has been working in private practice for the last 3 years.

Sam developed his passion for Osteopathy by pursuing the holistic principles of health care that Osteopathy is founded on. Sam’s treatment is strongly guided by the idea that the body is a unit, combining hands-on treatment, dry needling, exercise and education to reach the best possible outcomes for his patients. Sam also has a passion for treating and managing patients suffering from scoliosis related pain since completing the “Schroth Best Practice” course in April of 2023.

Outside of the clinic, Sam thoroughly enjoys exploring his interest in human movement and biomechanics in both his own training and by continuing to educate himself in this area with books and podcasts. He also thoroughly enjoys being outdoors, especially anywhere you can do a bit of fishing.