It’s not just tennis players who suffer from tennis elbow! Osteopaths see this common problem in people from all different walks of life.

Tennis elbow is an inflammatory condition caused by tight forearm muscles pulling excessively on the part of the elbow where they attach. This pulling irritates the bone and causes pain. The medical term for tennis elbow islateral epicondylitis, because the lateral epicondyle is the name of the bit of bone on the outside of your elbow where the forearm muscles attach.

Common causes of tennis elbow include using the arm and wrist in a twisting motion, such as using a screwdriver or hammer, painting or playing tennis.

The main symptom is pain in the elbow or forearm. This pain usually gets worse when gripping objects, twisting the wrist or straightening the elbow. This pain can range from affecting a pinpoint area in the elbow to affecting the whole forearm.




A thorough diagnosis from an osteopath is beneficial to rule out other causes of elbow pain, such as referred pain from the neck or shoulder, golfer’s elbow, bursitis or arthritis.

Osteopaths can help treat tennis elbow using the following treatment options:

  • Massage and soft tissue techniques to reduce tension in the affected muscles
  • Ultrasound therapy to decrease inflammation
  • Prescribing stretches and exercises to further relax and strengthen the affected muscles
  • Advice about braces, creams, ice/heat therapy and lifestyle changes to further aid the rehabilitation process


If you are experiencing pain or tightness in the forearm or elbow, call us today for a thorough evaluation, diagnosis and treatment.