Recently, my two gorgeous little kids have not been letting my wife and I sleep too much – very frustrating when refreshing sleep is such an important part of being and staying healthy…. So 3 days ago when my wife came down with mastitis and flu like symptoms and I started feeling very off we went straight to the natural medicine cabinet for nature’s most wonderful immune boosting vitamin!

Vitamin C or ascorbate has long been known for its health benefits for the treatment of arthritis, colds, influenza and other autoimmune disorders.  Dr. Andrew Saul, orthomolecular medice doctor of has long been an advocate of the therapeutic benefits of Vitamin C, but only recently have I begun to appreciate just how powerful Vitamin C actually is in high enough doses.  Taking a couple of 500mg tablet will not do much.  Vitamin C only becomes effective once you get over 2g/day for maintenance of health and 5g+/day for more serious problems.

So, personally, I am 36 hours into my flu and the head stuffiness is gone, the muscle aches are gone, I still have a slight tickle in the throat and a vague stuffy nose and my energy feels at about 95%.  The reason, unequivocally is due to high dose Vitamin C – in the order of 10-20g/day…or until the bowels feel a little bit of discomfort.  I use Orthoplex’s Ultra Buffered C Powder mixed with water, maybe some magnesium as well for the muscle ache and occasionally green superfood powder.

We are all prone to bugs…they are all around us.  Vitamin C is the best way, naturally to boost the immune system and fight the nasty bugs off.