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June/July Promotion

For the next 2 months, our immune supporting supplements and superfoods will be 10%. These include andrographis, astragalus, medicinal mushrooms, bone and vegetable broths and probiotics.


Supporting our Immune Systems

Kelly Bright – Clinical Nutritionist

Do you know that mushrooms can supercharge your immune system?

These natural wonders are packed with beta-glucans, polysaccharides, and antioxidants, which play a crucial role in enhancing your body’s defense mechanisms. Beta-glucans activate macrophages and natural killer cells – your body’s front-line defenders against infections and diseases. Polysaccharides and antioxidants help modulate the immune response, ensuring it is both strong and balanced.

Mushrooms like reishi, shiitake, and maitake are particularly celebrated for their immune-boosting properties. Incorporating these fantastic fungi into your diet can lead to a more vibrant, resilient immune system.

For an easy and effective way to get your daily dose of these powerful mushrooms, check out our June/July immune specials including our mushroom blend, now available at our clinic. A consultation with a Nutritionist or Naturopath can advise you on how to boost your immunity naturally and experience the health benefits firsthand!


New Practitioners

Sarah Morgan, part of the BodyFix EP team that offers Exercise Physiology consults @ BDHH, has taken over Maddi’s Wednesday mornings. Our EP’s are available Mon through Fri to help with all your rehabilitative, exercise and health goals.

Rowan Adams, a 5th year Senior Osteopath student (he will graduate in a couple of months), has been in the clinic on Monday mornings observing and offering half-price student consults. If you would like to get great Osteopathic care available at a discounted rate, then come give him a try.



FAI – A common cause of hip pain

Femoral acetabular impingement (FAI) is an unusually shaped hip joint that causes the two bones in the hip to rub together. The pressure causes friction between the top of the femur (thighbone) and acetabulum (part of the pelvis). FAI can limit motion and cause pain. The deformed head of the hip can be referred to as a CAM lesion.

Symptoms include pain or stiffness in the groin or front of the thigh. This often occurs or is made worse with bending up of the hip or at the waist, such as when riding a bike, tying shoes or sitting for long periods of time. Clicking and some ‘locking’ of the hip can occur. In highly active people, the symptoms will often be worse around the whole hip joint and can refer to the knee.

Conservative management includes an MRI for diagnostic purposes, then professional exercise interventions (EP) along with deep tissue massage treatment and some manipulation. Management involves a change in lifestyle to modified activity and a commitment to maintaining hip strength. A good physical therapy program focusing on hip strengthening instead of stretching will provide the most benefit.