This can be a stretch as well as a core strengthening exercise that will tone the hip muscles, buttock muscles, deeper abdominals (core) and increase balance and stability for the lower and middle spine regions.

Care should be taken to make sure you are on a secure, comfortable surface with proper footwear. Take each exercise slowly and remember that breathing is just as important as the actual technique.  Maintain the best possible posture as you perform the exercise and feel each muscle switching on and working as you change positions.

This exercise can also be performed laying prone (on your stomach), balancing on your pelvic/abdominal region.  This is a milder version of the alternate arm and leg extension, and will requrie less effort than other forms of core strengthening.  If you are suffering from back pain that is aggravated by this exercise, come in for some treatment with one of our Osteopaths, so you can effectively perform the exercise and strengthen your back and abdominal regions.