There’s nothing more debilitating than living with joint or muscular pain. Day to day tasks like driving, or even simple things like sneezing can leave you with little quality of life. For residents in Lilydale and surrounding areas of the Yarra Ranges, By Design Holistic Health offers quality treatment that helps relieve the symptoms of neck pain, back pain and more.

Lower Back Pain or Sciatica  we see this in around 80% of the population. Shooting pain down the leg? Aching in the lower back? Buttock pain? Stabbing, sharp pain in the small of the back? These may indicate that you have a lower back problem that Osteopaths are qualified to help you with.

Neck pain treatment  there are numerous symptoms of neck pain, from muscle spasms, to headaches, to a diminished range of motion and more. Causes can include whiplash, muscle strain and some degenerative conditions such as Cervical Spondylosis. We provide effective neck pain treatment to help you get back your full range of motion and enjoy life with reduced to no pain.

If you’re in the Yarra Valley and looking for effective back pain or neck pain treatment, make an appointment with By Design Holistic Health today by calling (03) 9735 7733 or contacting us online.