Osteopath Chirnside Park: Bringing osteopathy, naturopathy, and holistic health services to Chirnside Park

By Design Holistic Health are one of the leading osteopathy clinics who service Chirnside Park. Our team of highly qualified and professional osteopaths want to help reduce your pain and discomfort. At By Design Holistic Health, we establish a long-term strategy for your overall health and well being.

Because each person is different, the osteopaths at By Design Holistic Health endeavor to provide and tailor our osteopathic care specifically to each patient’s needs. This means that we work on a case by case basis to identify the surrounding areas of acute or chronic pain.

A temporary quick fix may sound like a tempting way to fix your pain. But generally pain is a primary signal of an underlying problem. Our diagnostic methods take into consideration nerve, circulation, connective tissues, and internal organs. We then assess how they work as a whole, and find the root of the problem. In addition, we also assess whether or not your flare ups are localised or in different regions of the body. We aim to assist you with the recovery and prevention process, as opposed to just eliminating your pain.

After your diagnosis, our team will offer the most appropriate treatment for you. Our goal is to identify the pain, ensure you understand your injury, and inform you on how we are going to treat it and why. We also ensure that we educate you on how to treat or prevent further injury to a problem area.

Are you a resident of Chirnside Park who is looking for osteopathy services? Call our clinic today on (03) 9739 6409 to see how our knowledgeable staff can assist you!

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