The plank position is easy to assume, but is quite a strong exercise for those wishing to increase abdominal strength and rehabilitate a low back injury.  Care must be taken with this exercise to not ‘overdo’ it and time spent holding the plank slowly increased over time.  If you suffer from a disc injury, consult one of our Osteopaths first regarding the suitability of this exercise.  If you suffer from abdominal or low back weakness, muscle spasms or facet joint pain, then we think you will find the plank quite helpful in your rehabilitation and in reducing painful episodes in your lower back.

The plank can be performed on elbows/forearms, but for more of a challenge, on the hands in a ‘push-up’ position will challenge you further.  Remember to breathe throughout the exercise and keep the same spine angle for the time held in the plank.  If you experience pain, consult your Osteopath to address underlying spinal issues before continuing exercise.